Imagine an island where innovators, thinkers and doers: designers, artists, musicians, technologists, scientists, economists, philosophers can find the space and time to explore global issues and collaboratively innovate solutions for them. The Island is Efate, Vanuatu. The location is Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation's Island Innovation Lab.

Islands conjure many romantic notions of the exotic, treasures lost and found, adventure, romance, isolation, mystery, hardship. They have been the muse of artists, writers, musicians, scientists and explorers. For many, Islands are a place of escape. Somewhere that provides time and space for thinking and reflecting. Somewhere that affords anonymity, seclusion, rest or retreat. We all live on islands, real or virtual, tiny, remote, large, connected. Island residents adapt to the pace and rhythm of their Islands. They are resourceful, using the limited resources they have to respond to meeting their needs. Innovation and community are necessary for survival. We can learn from visting other islands, sharing experiences and iterating approaches.






Super excited that the The Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation Island Innovation Lab project has been acknowledged by the 2014 Challenge Review Committee of the Buckminster Fuller Institute as making an important contribution to the growing field of whole systems design and that they have selected our project for inclusion in their Catalyst Program. Only a handful of the 450 entries from 91 countries were selected so this is a significant achievement!